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Medical Care for Older Adults When and Where They Need It

We’re an extra set of ears for listening, eyes for seeing issues before they happen, and hands for helping. From working in a unique delivery model that complements existing care models to maintaining a highly personalized approach, each service we provide creates better clinical outcomes, reduces healthcare costs, and significantly raises the level of patient care. By working together, we can improve the lives of older adults.

Skilled and Long-Term Nursing Facilities

Ensuring the best quality of life for patients is our number one priority. That’s why our embedded primary care provider teams consist of board-certified Internal Medicine Physicians and Nurse Practitioners who are there for patients 24/7 in addition to their regular on-site visits. As former hospitalists with experience in quality improvement, managing complex medications, and working with multidisciplinary teams, our physicians are more than comfortable managing acutely ill patients, reducing need for unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits.

Assisted Living Facilities

Working alongside home health, hospice, and staff at Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Memory Care facilities is how our board-certified Internal Medicine Physicians and Nurse Practitioners ensure the best quality of on-site care is provided. From scheduling regular oversight visits that ensure continuity of care with other providers to being available 24/7 and offering use of our patient portal so loved ones stay informed, we’re there every step of the way.

Primary Care

As your primary care provider, TCPA’s board-certified Physicians and Nurse Practitioners excel at comprehensive, holistic care that keeps patients as healthy and happy as possible. Our providers oversee screening and comprehensive care, address acute issues when they arise, and partner with local healthcare vendors so that even labs, radiology, or physical therapy can be provided in the home. When patients have an existing primary care provider they like, TCPA works alongside them and steps in for urgent issues to make sure care plans stay on track.


When it comes to specializing in the care of older adults, our board-certified Geriatricians are trained to recognize, consult on, and treat conditions unique to patients 65 and up. By focusing on dementia, cognitive impairment, polypharmacy, and fall prevention, our Geriatricians put their specialized training to good use by improving care in those specific areas.


Our board-certified psychiatric team uses behavioral and pharmaceutical therapy and collaborates with primary care providers and caregivers to improve older adults’ mental health. They specialize in the treatment of common geriatric psychiatric syndromes, such as depression, anxiety, and agitation in dementia. 

Palliative Care

TCPA palliative care physicians are board-certified and committed to providing the best possible quality of life and minimizing the suffering of older adults with serious illnesses. They consider everything to make the process easier, such as advanced care planning, disease prognosis, and care goals for patients and their families.


Many older adults are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease due to diabetes or elevated blood pressure. Our board-certified nephrologists specialize in these diseases and work with our primary care providers to improve kidney function and, ultimately, quality of life for patients.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R)

Helping older adults progress toward optimal physical function is one key to improving the lives of patients. Our PM&R specialists, known as physiatrists, promote healing and rehabilitation of older adults who have recently suffered an injury, while also treating chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries.

Our team of board-certified clinicians is ready to put our proven, turnkey care model to good use for your facility or loved one. We’d love to hear from you.

The quick responses and their willingness to work alongside us to give our residents the best care.”

Courtney Ellis, Wellness Director, OSL Cares
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