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Partner with Us to Better Support Those You Serve

When communities partner with TCPA, we invest in people, process, and technology to deliver happier, healthier residents. Our clinicians are embedded within your communities, and become an extension of your staff without any additional cost. We leverage technology to provide more responsive, coordinated care. And, through our participation in value-based care programs, we align our interests with those of our community partners and residents.
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A Proven Process

We’ve been partnering with senior living communities since 2013. Our implementation follows a tried and tested approach that begins with matching the right providers to the community and providing onsite training and support to our community partners.

Technology to Power More Coordinated Care.

Our SamePageMD platform facilitates communication between your staff, our providers, and residents’ families. The platform enables providers to quickly view key medical data to facilitate medical decision making, reducing risk and maximizing quality.

By moving conversations away from the phone and personal devices, we can track response times, retain important data, and improve clinical visibility. Equally important, families get access to important information such as when a loved one is scheduled, test results, and communication from our providers.

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Results That Matter.

Our innovative care model has been demonstrated to improve outcomes for facilities and the residents for whom they care. Facilities see an average of:


improvement in Medicare Stars rating


reduction in 30-day rehospitalization

Our team of board-certified clinicians is ready to put our proven, turnkey care model to good use for your facility or loved one. We’d love to hear from you.

The quick responses and their willingness to work alongside us to gives our residents the best care.”

Courtney Ellis, Wellness Director, OSL Cares
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