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TCPA Partners with Pearl Health to Deliver Value-Based Care at Scale in Georgia

Transitional Care Physicians of America (TCPA), one of the largest provider groups in Georgia caring for complex, elderly patients, and Pearl Health, a leading technology company focused on physician enablement and risk bearing in value-based care, today announced their partnership to deliver value-based care at scale for TCPA’s patients with Medicare.

TCPA has developed and scaled a high-touch model of care, with an interdisciplinary care team of more than 60 providers, as well as MAs, nurses, and care coordinators, embedded within more than 80 partner facilities. This innovative care model and team-based approach allows TCPA care teams to develop meaningful personal relationships with their patients and positions them well to focus on proactive, whole person care.

“TCPA’s partnership with Pearl reflects their deep commitment to developing a care model that enables providers to put patient experience first and focus on delivering the highest quality of care,” said Steven Duque, Chief Growth Officer of Pearl Health. “We’re delighted to welcome such a mission-aligned, forward-thinking provider group to the Pearl Community and excited to see what we’ll accomplish together.”

The partnership between TCPA and Pearl Health also reflects a growing appetite for innovative models like Medicare’s ACO REACH and Pearl’s continued growth in partnering with like-minded primary care organizations to participate and succeed in these models. TCPA joins a growing community of primary care organizations across the country who have partnered with Pearl to transition from volume-based, fee-for-service payments to value-based care with incentives aligned with keeping patients healthy. Pearl Health brings the provider-enablement and risk-bearing technology and expertise to help TCPA take the next step in its transition from volume to value.

“For me, value-based care means we’re simply doing our jobs and providing the best care to people. Ultimately value-based care leads to higher quality of care at a lower price,” said Amar Mohan, MD, CEO of Transitional Care Physicians of America. “For our patients, value-based care means access to resources and people they might not otherwise have. In a purely fee-for-service practice, you simply invest the time or resources that are needed to prevent illness.”

About TCPA

Transitional Care Physicians of America (TCPA) partners with leading skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities to improve healthcare transitions and long-term care. TCPA’s unique, team-based care model complements primary care, maximizes care coordination, and enables early identification and response to healthcare risks. Our approach improves clinical outcomes, reduces healthcare costs, and enables our providers to develop meaningful personal relationships with their patients and focus on proactive, whole person care.

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About Pearl Health

Pearl Health is democratizing access to value in healthcare. Led by provider enablement, risk-bearing, and technology experts, Pearl offers software and services that help providers reimagine how they visualize, understand, and care for their patients. Pearl supports primary care organizations and providers in their transition to value-based care and surfaces data and insights that help them deliver better, more proactive care, decrease total cost of care across patient panels, and optimize performance in risk-bearing models like Medicare’s ACO REACH. Since its founding in 2020, Pearl has raised more than $100M in funding from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Viking Global Investors, AlleyCorp, SV Angel, and Silicon Valley Bank, and has grown to serve customers in 29 states and Washington, DC.

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